The Vision Within Bundle. 

A 4 Track Audio Bundle + Little Book to Unleash the Vision Within

You are meant to play a bigger game.

You are meant for greatness.

You are meant to see your Vision come to life.

But then there are days that all of this seems easier said than done.

There are days that you may struggle to get out of the bed.

Days where you may want to throw in the towel and retreat.

Days when you ask yourself questions like:

 "When will it get easier?"

"When will it get better?"

"When will I get what I want?"

But these are the days when you double down on the Vision.

When you get back into the mindset of what is possible for your life.

And sometimes all we need is a boost--a little guidance, a little clarity, and a reminder that the Vision is already within and all we need to do is unleash it onto the world.  

Welcome to The Vision Within Bundle.

When you order your bundle, You'll receive: 

  • The Vision Within 4 Track Audio Bundle:

The Morning Mantra-Meditation track (5:23) The Vision Board -Visualization track (15:13) I Affirm Me: The ABC's of an exceptional human being- Affirmation track (6:17) Shift into What's Possible-motivational track (5:41)

  • The Vision within Little Book (Digital Download): 

A Compilation of 30 Daily Mantras, Prayers + Thoughtful Insights to unleash The Vision Within. 

Grab it now for $22!

And receive my popular Vision Board guide to accompany the Vision Board Visualization FREE when you order!

Meet your Guide:

Tiffany Lanier is a millennial Speaker and Facilitator, Youtuber, Clarity Coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. She is the creator of, a personal growth and lifestyle brand to help you live purposefully, lead consciously and shift into what's possible.  

Over the last 7 years, Tiffany has consulted, coached, and trained entrepreneurs and leaders on personal growth and devlopment, building conscious-driven businesses, and creating personal brands with a global reach.