EnVision Retreat

 A Soulful weekend to shift into what's possible with Tiffany Lanier

2018/19 Destinations: South Florida & Mérida, Mexico

A New Year can bring...  

Beautiful Creations. Wonder. Better Decisions. Stronger relationships. A fulfilling career. Successful businesses. Abundance. New chances. And powerful lessons.  

But it can also bring...

Stress. Anxiety. Questioning our truth. Doubting our abilities. Dimming our shine. Shrinking from aligned opportunites. Feeling stuck and stagant. Quieting our voice.  

If you're feeling the latter... 

Envision 2018 is a 2-day intimate and immersive experience for those 

looking to embrace the possibilities of 2018 and ready to:

  • Become deeply rooted in who they are. 
  • Become Crystal clear on embodying the traits of who they want to become.
  • Discover and uncover stories that need to be released.
  • Hold space for their evolution to start a personal revolution
  • Cleanse the past to make room for the present.
  • Create goals that are fully in alignment with how they want to live and lead in 2018 and beyond.

So you can feel grounded in all that you are and all that you Envision for your life and the Work you want to bring into the world.

Hey Shift-maker, I'm Tiffany Lanier!

As a public speaker, facilitator, Clarity and Leadership coach for Business & Personal Growth, I am on a mission to help you live purposefully and lead consciously. And whether I'm speaking on a big stage or hosting an intimate retreat, I hold space for you where you are and the vision for where you want to be.  

What's Included:

During this 2 Day retreat we'll dive into the themes around:

Exploration With curiosity as our guide, we'll explore what lights you up at the core. We'll hold space for your desires, fears, values and the vision you want to bring to life in 2018 as well as explore what you may be ready to leave behind.  

Discovery As you open up to what matters to you. You'll spend time digging through and discovering past stories, old patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve you as well as discover elements of who you are that you're ready to amplify and unleash into the world.  

Alignment With core desires and thoughtful intentions at the forefront, you'll release any disempowering beliefs about what's possible in how you live and lead. We'll map out clear and actionable steps to move forward with ease, grace, and compassion.  

Embodiment Learn to fully embrace all that you are and all that you are becoming by embodying the mindset, beliefs, and behaviors necessary to uphold your vision with reverence and integrity.  

Connection True meaning comes from connection. During this retreat, we'll connect to the truest forms of ourselves, our desires, and create a community that will hold space for our fear and freedom as we unleash the vision within. 

Retreat Details:

"Tiffany has a special gift in bringing out the BEST in people and creating the momentum for major shifts to occur."


Envision Retreats are held from Dec.-March


A beautiful Private Residence 

in Lake Worth, FL (Near West Palm Beach)

P.S. South FL in the Winter is GORGEOUS & Warm :)


EnVision Schedule:

Day 1: 

6:00pm: Welcome Dinner + Session 1

Day 2: 

8-10am: Breakfast /Creative movement + meditation 10am: Session 2 12pm: Lunch 1:30-5:30 pm Session 3&4 6pm Reflection + Closing  

Dinner Break 8pm Vision Board + Superhero Party  

Day 3: 8am Final Session 10:30am Closing Brunch 

  • 14 + hours of coaching and Facilitating on how you Live and Lead Peronsally and Professionally
  •  Welcome Dinner and Closing Brunch 
  • Breakfast + Lunch available for Day 2
  • Accommodations for 2 nights in a private residence 
  • All Session and Vision board materials provided
  • Treats and gifts throughout the retreat 

+ Pre-retreat Assessment and 60 min Group Session within 30 days following the Retreat  

"If you have ever hesitated signing up for a live event with Tiffany, this is a sign for you to sign up NOW.  

Tiffany's online coaching was already brilliant with her weekly nuggets of wisdom for personal and professional growth.  

However, the retreat was unique and unlike any mastermind retreat I've ever done. I was forced to get away from my daily routine and the external noise to have the capacity to find my inner voice. Tiffany brought up to the surface old limiting beliefs and negative emotions that I was still holding on that was stagnating the growth I needed in my business...and my life.  

Tiffany has a special gift in bringing out the BEST in people and creating the momentum for major shifts to occur."

--Burnette Emerson

Apply for the next Retreat

Due to the initimate nature of this retreat, we require you to fill out an application to ensure EnVision is a great fit for you and where you are in your journey. The application is painless. If this retreat calls to you for the season you're experiencing in Life, I welcome you to apply. Once we receive your application, you will be notified in 3-5 Business days for next Steps and to reserve your spot.

*Once you're selected there is a deposit of $500 to hold your space and a Payment Plan is available for the remainder of the fee.  

Meet your Facilitator:

Tiffany Lanier is a millennial Speaker and Facilitator, Youtuber, Clarity Coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. She is the creator of LivewithTiffany.com, a personal growth and lifestyle brand to help you live purposefully, lead consciously and shift into what's possible.  

Over the last 7 years, Tiffany has consulted, coached, and trained entrepreneurs and leaders on personal growth and development, building conscious-driven businesses, and creating personal brands with a global reach.