• If you feel...

... lost, confused, and unsure of your next moves in your new business

...disconnected to who you are and struggle to create a core-aligned Vision and Mission for how you show up and the work that you do

...ready to build a personal and thought-leader driven brand that earns you money and impacts the world

  • Then smile because you're in the right place.

  • Hi I'm Tiffany Lanier and I know exactly how you feel because I was you just a few years ago. I realized quickly that growing a business becomes a lot harder if you're not clear on who you are, what you do, and how you want to do it. 
  • Then you throw building it online in the mix and you enter chaos-ville. 
  • But once I got crystal clear on me, my mission, and how I truly wanted to show up and serve the world, my business opened up for me, financially and on a soul-level. 
  • I'm now doing my soul's work, building a stable financial future for my family, and creating impact in lives all over the world.
  • Does this sound like you?

You know you're talented, skilled, and have something to offer the world but you just can't seem to bridge them together to create something viable?

  • You can see ALL the possibilities but you're feeling bogged down by all your ideas. [So.Many.Ideas.] It's leaving you paralyzed and making it difficult to make big moves toward your Dreams.

  • You want to showcase your brilliance and stand out but showing up in the marketplace is daunting and doesn't light you up.

  • You want to know who your customer is and connect with "your people" (your tribe) but you can't seem to find them. You can only dream of the day when they will love your message and become followers and buyers.

  • You're unsure how to monetize your skills, experience, and expertise, turn them into multiple income streams, and do it in a way that feels in total alignment with your purpose.

  • You have a big heart and you're excited about serving the world but at the same time you feel dejected. You're not sure how to do it and make money from it. This is taking a serious toll on your spirit. 

Tiffany relates in such a real and vulnerable way. She is the queen of heart-felt and raw communication with her tribe, which she uses to uplift, inspire, and light a fire under your feet to get you into action. I'm in awe of how much she creates and accomplishes. If you have the opportunity to work with Tiffany I truly believe that your life and your business will be forever changed"  

--Jessie May, Personal Branding and Tribe Building Expert

"Tiffany Lanier is genuinely one of my favorite, most soul-centered people I know! Her ability to elevate businesses with a heart-centered focus, is unlike any other. She truly cares about her clients and it shows in their results."

--Amber Aziza, Business Coach and Speaker

You don't know what you don't know. 

For my first two years as an entrepreneur I studied everything I could get my hands on to learn when it came to business, business development, online marketing, personal branding, course and program creation and a plethora of other things. I spent countless hours on webinars, trainings, and going to events! And oh not to mention 10's of thousands of dollars later. Yet I still felt stuck.

I pieced random parts together and while business did come in, it was only from time to time, sound familiar?

Outside of the mechanics, you know what was missing?

Me and a Mindset for Success.

Yes me. I neglected putting my whole self into my creations, thus creating lackluster content, courses, and programs.

I glossed over the foundational pieces required to create a business I loved--the 3 M's.

Me, Mindset, and the Mechanics. 

So I had to take it back. I had to start by taking a deep look into who I am and what I really wanted from the core of my being.

What did I want?

I wanted to create a business to create change.

I wanted to facilitate a marketing plan that was authentic, bold, and conscious-driven.

And I wanted to earn in a way that felt good to my soul and kept me in complete alignment.

Because that's who I am and if any of this sounds like you then you and I are kindred spirits.

The Core Business Academy is the fundamental and comprehensive course to turn your Impact-driven idea into a viable business and thought-leader brand. It's designed to help you skip the learning curve and dive into the creation and impact now. 

If you're reading this page you are not here by chance, like the amazing entrepreneurs I've worked with, you want to make your vision a reality. 

You want to create a bigger impact and live in your purpose. 

You want to earn more money that is in alignment with your core values and desires. 

You want to take your message from local to global. Gosh darn it, you want to change the world. 

And if that's what you want, I'm here to help you achieve it. 

I'm dedicated to helping you gain the ultimate clarity, earn money, and create your core-aligned business and brand. 

Because well...it's Time. 

It's time for ... 

Clarity. No more confusion. No more wondering what should I do with my skills, talent, and expertise. No more how can I incorporate more "me" into my creations. No more what's the best way for me to earn from my brilliance. 

Confidence. Confidence that your idea is sellable, that you have a foundation, and you can share your ideas with the world (and they will love you for it!) 

Core-alignment. Creating a business that is Authentic to who you are, your talent, your expertise. One that highlights the best most creative parts of you so you can make money and be fulfilled doing it. 

Freedom- Intrinsic Freedom: Core-knowing that you're building something meaningful. Something that feels good, and making your purpose fun. Extrinsic Freedom: Creating the foundation to make more money, quit your job, travel more, and build a life that supports you and your family.

"I was at a place with my life where I wanted to start a business that had meaning and connected with my passions. The problem was, I had so many ideas and I was feeling overwhelmed with where to begin and what the process looked like to create a business model I wanted to follow. 

Attending the Core Business Academy brought me clarity and a was a safe space to ask questions. There were others in the group on the same journey, and we supported one another through our community on Facebook and during the weekly calls. The step-by-step layout of the program allowed me to work at my own pace and understand what was necessary to set up a business. I jumped on the opportunity to go the VIP option and have one-on-one coaching with Tiffany during the process where she individualized the program to fit my needs. I felt heard by Tiffany and her mentoring brought out a direction in me that was true to what I desired. Thanks to the Core Academy I have created a business, and the tools to confidently launch it into the world." --Jema Anderson, Podcaster

"Overall The Core Business Academy is AMAZING! I highly recommend the academy to anyone who is starting their business. The Core Academy is a blue print that gives you the steps needed to get your vision off the ground. I received so much value and every week I took advantage of the group coaching calls with Tiffany. She really challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and face the fears I had concerning my business.  

Tiffany really helped me get the clarity I needed to progress in my business and the community was such a beautiful bonus. While in the core academy my business was featured four times, we received invitations for podcast interviews, and we finished our first online course. If you are serious about turning your ideas into a business and build your authority online (and off) then this is the program for you. You will have to do work and show up but you won’t regret it!!" --Lakitia Woodard  

A Core Course

For New Online & Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

To help you gain clarity, earn money, and create your Core-Aligned Business & Brand.

When you say "Yes" you say yes to a journey of self-discovery, mindset work, and tangible pieces to building your business foundation (not just theory).

Section 1: Discovering You and your Core-aligned Business

Clarity is Everything.

In order to get clear we have to get back to the Core of you, what you want, and why you want it. In section one we'll explore your deepest desires for your life and the business you want to lead. You'll gain the Clarity necessary to move on your impactful Ideas. And we'll define and tap into your Zone of Genius so you can stay in your lane and do the work that inspires you.

Section 2: Minding your Business

It's time to get your mind right.

Tony Robbins says 80% of what we do is psychology and 20% is Mechanics. Mindset plays such a huge part of our business development, it's usually what separates those who flourish and those who flounder. In section two we'll break down how you process fear and how it directly shows up for you, how to confidently create, and handle your money story.

Section 3: Building your Biz and Brand foundation

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation and the same saying goes for your business.

In section three, we'll dive into the core foundation of building your business and brand. We'll explore your viable business idea, your industry and niche, how to find your people, and the vision, mission, and personality behind your brand.

Section 4: Monetizing your Brilliance

You are unique and your offerings should be unique to your skills, experience, and expertise. But how you monetize them doesn't have to be. From digital course creation to turning your expertise to a service based business we'll discuss the best way for YOU to monetize your brilliance that is in complete core-alinement with your mission and lifestyle desires.

Section 5: Building your Platform Online

In Section 5, it's time to build your platform on purpose. We'll explore the power behind your digital footprint, the essence of who you are, and get a bit techy to build your blog/website together and then determine how to create an effective platform to attract and retain an audience and customers.

Section 6: Marketing Magic

Clarity is Everything, Mindset is Key, but let's be real without Marketing you don't have a business. Trust me I know why you have anxiety when it comes to marketing, there are a lot of ways to market these days. But in Section 6 we break down marketing fundamentals, the magic of being you to attract your tribe and a few timeless strategies to put in your marketing arsenal.

Section 7: Powerfully Planned

When it's all said and done, actions speak louder than words. To make the impact you want to make in the world takes consistency and a plan. In section 7 we start with Big picture planning and reverse engineer a strategic 90 day actionable plan to help you consistently deliver your message, create more income, and grow your business.

"This was the course I needed all along. As a Mom, I began feeling stuck in my 9-5 with dreams and goals of a happier life, being with my kids and being independent. But fear or just not knowing what step to take next, never allowed me to complete anything. Tiffany’s course allowed me to lay out the foundation of my ideas, overcome the mindset blocks that held me back from starting, and build my online business from scratch! I created an awesome website, launched my ideas and within hours (SERIOUSLY!!!!) started creating an income from just my dreams (something I thought was impossible)! I love having lifetime access to this course because when I get stuck I go back and get re-inspired and receive clarity on what to do next! Who would have thought that taking a step and investing in myself would turn into something AMAZING!!! If you are like me and you have plenty of ideas and have no clue how to get started, THIS is the course for YOU!" Adrienne Sengsourichanh, Ecommerce Owner

"The Core Business Academy is a program that hits each need on the path to launching your business. Tiffany and her team walks you through building your site, your available streams of income, and the avenues that you might take in order to create your business--but they make sure to do much more than that--they offer you permission to create. By being in the core academy you're exposed to a community of women who are looking to create an impact, they offer hands-on support, and Tiffany allows you to explore the core reason of why you want to share your work in the first place, and uses that as the force behind your actions. She makes sure to tackle mindset, vision, and the theory behind what drives us. This program works on the micro and macro scale, and taps into the thing that will ensure longevity...Your Why."--Allison Koenig, Author & Speaker

Here is what you'll receive when you join:

*2 Private 60 min. Coaching Calls:

When you join the *VIP Core Academy you will have 2 Private Coaching Calls (One 90 min and One 60 min session) with me so you can have all your questions answered as you progress through the materials + Email Support for 8 weeks.

Lifetime access to The Core Business Academy 

The Core Academy is designed to easily move you from one step to the next in building your foundation. This is a framework you can use over and over again every time you have a new idea or brand you want to get off the ground. Because you have lifetime access you'll get all the upgrades and any new information delivered for as long as the course exists!

Actionable Tips, Steps, and Strategy to launch your Impact-driven idea online NOW.

If you've been waiting for a sign. This is it. The Core Academy is here to ignite or re-ignite your flame so that you can set the world on fire with your mission. Each lesson will get you one step closer to tapping into your zone of genius, creating from the core of who you are, and building your relationships, platforms, and offerings based on your soul desires, strengths, and weaknesses.

Master Workbooks and Actionable Exercises

For my visual and tactile learners, I got you covered. Each module comes with a workbook along with exercises to accompany the lessons. You'll be able to breakdown the lessons, dig deeper into your ideas and map out your strategies for success. You'll also have access to a Master Resource List of business tools so you can skip the guess work.

Step by Step Guide to building your Blog/Website

If you've been struggling to build your first blog or website or just don't know where to start don't fret because we're going to do it in this course. By the end of Module 3, you'll have your very own site and ready to be open for business :)

Powerful & Supportive Community

The Core Academy community is a safe and supportive place filled with impact-driven entrepnreuers ready to shift the world with their brilliance. Here you'll be able to share your growth, wins, and get vulnerable because we're all there to support you on this journey.

Soul + Work Branding 

Megan Jamison 

Brand Designer and Connector 

Soul+Work Branding is created to help you connect your heart and your work to create a heart-inspired brand board for your business. We’ll cover how to reflect your values with imagery, how to create a brand story that reflects your why, and how to select logos, fonts, and colors to attract your tribe. This short video series contains 3 videos under 10 minutes each with 3 simple, clear, actionable tasks.

Pricelessly Planning your Business Launch 

Sidjae Price

Priceless Planning Organizational Consultant 

This course features three main topics including: Overview of Business Basics,Growing your Audience Outside of Social Media and How to Leverage Social Media to Grow your Audience. With discussing all three topics this course will teach you how to plan your business launch if you have you are new on the scene and do not have a 'tribe'. This course will give you clarity and an actionable plan of what to do to get your business off the ground, so potential clients begin to notice your services or products.

14 Day COMPLIMENTARY Trial to Tech Studio

Quinteria Moss

Business Systems & Tools Consultant

When it comes to Tech and which business tools will help you build and grow your business Quin is your woman. She realized there was a need for a central place for you to go and immediately learn how to...create a newsletter in Mailchimp, automate emails when a client completes a form, connect Paypal to your lead page. You name it! Enjoy 14 days to take a look, learn some new skills, and conquer tech. 

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." 

Tony Robbins

Yes, I'm Ready!

Who is this course for?

  • You are just starting your business, new to online business, or an existing service provider looking to take your Vision online and expand your message from local to global
  • You're a Conscious Creator, Impact-driven Entrepreneur, Coach, Healer, Wellness & Holistic practitioner, Blogger/vlogger or online entrepreneur
  • You want to make a bigger impact in the world through the work you do
  • You lead consciously, have integrity, and want to make a real change in the lives of your clients and customers
  • You're wiling to step out of your comfort zone and take massive action towards your dreams
  • You're looking to solidify your online presence, website, and create core-aligned business models

Tiffany is the queen of Core Clarity and Shift-making. She loves helping the next generation of content creators, experts, and impact-driven entrepreneurs, like you, live purposefully and lead consciously. Her work revolves around two primary missions:

  • Helping you Shift through the mental grime holding you back from having more of what you want.
  • And Creating from the Core of who you are so you can create a fulfilling life and do work that lights you up.

Tiffany is the CEO and Founder of A Modern Visionary, an International Speaker, Facilitator, Catalyst for Positive Change and Clarity Coach.

With the rise of Social Media, Tiffany, at 24, took a leap of faith, quit her job, and began helping Startup’s and entrepreneurs around the world grow their business and spread their message online.

She uses her background in Mass Media Communications, Psychology, Modern Marketing, Business Development, and Mental Clarity to revolutionize how she does business and has become an asset for startups, non-profits, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Tiffany is on a mission to motivate, educate, and inspire others to take a leap of faith, trust their gifts, and create an impact in the world by being who they are and doing work they love.

Clarity: In who you are, your zone of genius, and how to monetize your gifts 

Peace of Mind: Know that you have an outline to jumpstart your business and presence (online and off) 

An Opportunity: To begin the journey in creating a life and business you love. 

Relief: You're not doing this alone.

The World is waiting for you to step fully & firmly into your Purpose and Power.

Join The Core Academy Today

Yes, I'm Ready!

We look forward to supporting you on this journey of creation. If you have any further questions you'd like to ask us in regards to the program please don't hesitate to email support@amodernvisionary.com  

Cheers to new beginnings,